VOIP Phone Systems

VOIP Phone Systems Expert

Brian Burnett - VOIP Phone Systems Expert

More and more small businesses are converting their traditional phone systems to more modern and economical VOIP phone systems. This process can be highly technical and confusing to business owners.

Luckily, Brian Burnett specializes in small business Voice Over IP system installations and conversions. With Brian as your Seattle VOIP consultant, you don’t need to waste your precious time studying or researching:

  • IP telephony terms and concepts
  • Who provides the best VOIP phones
  • Or the best VOIP PBX
  • VOIP providers
  • VOIP software
  • VOIP cabling
  • VOIP security
  • And more

Brian is your go-to VOIP phone systems expert when it comes to defining requirements, procuring the correct equipment and getting it deployed and configured right the first time.

If you plan to install a Voice Over IP phone system contact Brian Burnett, your Seattle IT Consultant.