Small Business Network

Small Business Network Consultant

Brian Burnett – Small Business Network Consultant

Setting up a small business network can be a challenging task. There’s a lot of technology to understand plus a lot of equipment to buy, install and configure. Then you need to troubleshoot it if something goes wrong and maintain it to make sure it continues to work properly.

Who needs all that hassle when you can have Brian Burnett, a top Seattle small business network consultant, take care of all this for you?

Here are just some of the small business networking solutions Brian provides:

  • Business network design
  • Business network setup
  • Business network server installation and configuration
  • Business network security
  • Business network administration
  • Business network management
  • Business network topology analysis
  • Business network switch procurement and installation
  • Business network configuration
  • Business network attached storage procurement and installation
  • Business network backup solutions
  • Business network monitoring
  • As well as business network consulting and other services

Unless you have years of background in IT and lots of spare time on your hands, don’t try to build your small business network on your own. Get help from Brian Burnett, your Seattle IT Consultant.